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BY DRUG ABUSE we mean misuse of drug, If we look at our society condition in every field of life and then  compare it with our socities we can see a very big difference.


If we compare our education ratio with developed countries we can imagine that how much are we backward in this geart field of life. There are causes of this backwardness in every field of life .In my opinion ,the one main causes is DRUG ABUSEbecause if we think deeply about this problem and research about it, we will see that DRUG ABUSE it is one of the main cause of backwardness in every walk of life. That's why with the passage of time our young generation will start taking drugs. we dont's think that what will happen if the condition remain same.The time has come that we should make ourselves aware of the negative impacts of drugs on our health.


According to social researchers, DRUG ABUSEis because of many reasons

  1.  Every person can get it very easily.
  2.  Many leople involve in misusing of drugs,because of bad company.
  3.  the people ar unaware of great harm caused to their health by DRUG ABUSE. 

Signs and symptoms of drug abuse

  •  Neglecting your responsibilities at home, office, or college (e.g. flunking classes, neglecting your children) because of your drug use.
  • Developing Bad Habit, e,g commiting crimes or stealing to support a drug habit. 
  • Problems in your relationships, such as fights with family members, your partner , or the loss of friends.


Because of this problem our whole socieyt is Paralysed.SO, we have to do something to eliminate this menace from oure society.


  1. Social awareness. By Social awareness I mean that we have to educate our socity about the harmfull expect of drugs espacilly teens.
  2. To build special hospitals for those who are victims to drugs for the rebablition .
  3. we have to stop buying and selling of drugs.


In this way we can get rid of this menace.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Education institutions ,significant elders like mulves , political leaders tribe leaders should also play thier due roles .