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Diabetes mellitus

Date Added: August 06, 2010 06:26:22 PM Author:

Diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by the abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and consequently proteins and fats metabolism .It is caused by the abnormal secretion of insulin from the pancrease .Diatebes mellitus is very common in the world.Hundreds of thousands of peoples are suffuring from this disease .Diebetes mellitus is a not fully curable rather its affect is be minimized.Diebetes mellitus kills thousands of poples,but now vaccines and drugs are availadle to control the level of Diabetes mellitus .These vaccines and drugs are the gifts us for through the development of the fields of biotechnology and genetic enginering .Humam leucocyte antibody  chromosome no 6 is responsible for the insulin production .The major cause for the abnormal insulin production is virus, bacteria, autoimmunity, genetics.These factors either directly affect the insulin secretion or either cause the decreased sensitivity of the receptors towards insulin.Partial diabetes millatus can also be caused during pregnancy , it is called gestational diabetes mellitus. Gestational Diabetes mellitus can be controlled by taking proper diet in the food.



The symptoms of Diabetes mellitus are increased sugar level in urine ,increased amount of urine, increased appetite ,muscle weakness and electrolyte imbalance.



Certein complications are also caused due to the consequences of Diabetes mellitus  e.g Mycocardial infarction, hypertension , Diabetic retinopathy , Diabetic neuropathy ,Diabetic foot ,gangrene ,Renal failure ,Tuberclosis etc. Intensity of diabetes mellitus can be controlled by taking proper diat and regular excercise or by giving diabetes controlling vaccines through exagenous source.